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Preventing Mosquito Bites In Western New York

Nobody likes the buzzing sound of a mosquito flying around their head or waking up to find six random, itchy bites scattered across your body. Face it, mosquitoes suck! You want to enjoy your summer -- and that usually means being outdoors. So, whether you're at home or at an outdoor BBQ, what can you do to avoid getting bitten?

Keeping Ticks Out of Your Buffalo Property

Outdoor activities are what make spring and summer so enjoyable in Buffalo. While you and your family spend quality time in the backyard, ticks may also be hanging around to catch their next meal. Half the time you won't even notice a tick is on you until it's already feeding on you -- which is a dangerous situation.

Everything You Need to Know About Termites in Western New York

Eastern subterranean termites are the species most commonly found on the eastern coast of the U.S., including Western New York. These types of termites like to start at the ground and work their way up a structure, hollowing out wood with tunnels. Can this happen to the structure of your home? Yes. Termites can devalue a home by more than 25 percent! So, here is what you need to know to identify, prevent and get rid of termites.

Bed Bugs in Buffalo: But How?

Bed bugs almost went extinct in the 1950's, but it appears not all tragic stories come to an end. Unfortunately, bed bugs are alive and well and waiting to hitch a ride in your suitcase or used furniture to make it back to your home. While bed bugs aren't going to transmit infectious diseases, most people do not find being fed on while they sleep at night appealing.

Keeping Rodents Out of Your Buffalo Garden

Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding summer activity. A prosperous garden requires a lot of time and attention! While you may want your kids to learn and experience planting, you likely don't want rodents taking their share of your efforts. 

Buffalo Summer Pest Prevention Tips

Enjoying the warm weather and spending time with loved ones is what makes summer such a great season. What's not so great is sharing that quality time with pests who also thrive in the summer (sometimes at your expense).

New Homeowners: Signs of Pests in Your Buffalo Home

 Have pests moved into your new home before you? When you purchase a home, sometimes there's a lot of ground to cover. You may need to do some remodeling, yard work, painting -- lots of things; but what about pest control? Sometimes it's difficult to spot pest issues, especially when you're focused on becoming a new homeowner. 

Types of Bees in Western New York

Bees are a vital part of the environment, which is why we want to keep them safe! This should be enough, right? In theory, yes, but what happens if bees infest your home or business? Bee stings can be life-threatening for those with an allergy. 

Bee Removal In Buffalo

 Providing pollen to the plants we rely on, bees are an integral part of the ecosystem. When a colony of bees builds a nest around your home, they can seem like more of a problem than a necessity. Bees are known to fiercely defend their hive, which can result in a lot of painful stings if you aren't careful. 

4 Spring Pests to Be Aware of in Western New York

 Flowers aren't the only thing popping out of the ground this spring. Unfortunately (for most), bugs are a necessary part of our ecosystem and deserve their time in the sun; however, spring shouldn't mean there are pests entering your home or business left and right. While winter weather lasts far too long for some in the Buffalo area, spring pests are still waking up and looking for places to forage and breed.

Wildlife Management in Buffalo: What You Need To Know

Buffalo has progressed a lot in recent years, with a growing population and urbanization -- it's no wonder that wildlife problems have increased along with it. With reduced government spending in municipal animal control services, curbing wildlife problems has been left to private individuals. As a home or business owner, you want your property free of pests and wildlife problems. 

Types of Spiders You'll Find in Western New York

 Unless you own a pet tarantula, you probably don't want to find any spiders in your home. What happens if you do? There's roughly 40,000 species of spiders around the world. Fortunately, for people living in Western New York, there's about five common species of spiders you can expect to find crawling around (hopefully not in your home).

Spider Control In Western New York

 Not many people enjoy 8-legged creatures crawling around their home. Finding one spider, let alone an infestation, can be a traumatic experience. While house spiders aren't generally aggressive, many people have a real fear of arachnids. Every species of spider has fangs and will use them to bite if threatened (like being picked picked up or squeezed). Spider bites can be pretty painful, although rarely venomous; however, the Brown Recluse spider, found in North America, can sometimes be "necrotic", causing the flesh around a bite to rot and spread if not treated. Whether you have a fear of spiders or not, it's safe to say that most homeowners would like to prevent them. 

Checking For Bed Bugs In Your Buffalo Home

 Winter in Buffalo may not seem like an ideal climate for bed bugs, but the brown-colored insects are always on the prowl for food. Bed bugs are not partial to homes, apartments or businesses -- they will infest almost any area with warm-blooded mammals (like humans). It takes at least four hours of exposure to 0° Fahrenheit or colder for bed bugs to be killed by low temperatures. Found in bed frames, furniture or anywhere humans are still for long periods of time, bed bugs feast on human hosts at night, usually. 

Rodent Removal in Your Buffalo Home

 It's been quite a cold winter this year in Western New York, even reaching a new record low temperature in Buffalo on New Year's Day. With freezing weather not stopping anytime soon, there's no doubt pests are more desperate than ever to find shelter. Rodents are a huge problem in winter, invading homes with no preference of zip code.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches in Western New York

 Surviving an estimated 350-400 million years and counting, cockroaches are probably the most ancient pest there is. This means they are incredibly durable, and adaptable. Commonly found in urban areas and places where food is stored, cockroaches seem to be everywhere. The nocturnal pest can be found scurrying around at night in search of food, or shelter in colder climates.

Tips for Yellow Jacket Control in Buffalo

Yellow Jackets are unquestionably unpleasant pests to have around. Our recently warm winters here in Western New York have unfortunately caused wasp populations to rise in the Buffalo area. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help minimize the chances of an infestation of this insect around your home.

Fall & Winter Pests to Be Aware of in Western New York

 If you live in a climate that reaches freezing temps in the winter, like Western New York, there's a huge potential for finding pests in your home. It isn't only humans who dislike the cold -- pests find their way into homes for a variety of reasons every year. Fall and winter bring the holidays with them -- a time for celebration, food and warmth. Don't let pests disrupt your time of joy.

Bed Bugs: Myths & Facts

 It's important to get all the facts when you're dealing with a possible bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, there is a lot incorrect information available when it comes to this particular pest. To help separate fact and fiction, we have debunked five of the most common bed bug myths.

What Types of Mice Will You Find In Buffalo?

Whether you think mice are cute or creepy, they're a major pest for homeowners. Mice can cause structural damage to your home, contaminate food sources and even carry transmittable diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. As a homeowner, it's smart to educate yourself with every type of pest you may encounter.

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