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Buffalo Exterminating has been serving local businesses since 1954, providing the upmost care and consideration for your needs and those of your customers. Buffalo Exterminating provides a complete range of pest management services for businesses.

Review our literature to learn about the benefits and advantages of working with Buffalo Exterminating, and then contact us to speak with a Buffalo Exterminating representative about your pest management needs.


Pest Guard System: Buffalo Exterminating has developed our exclusive Pest Guard brand® Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System as the basis for our pest prevention service plans.  Pest Guard IPM is a systematic approach which incorporates a variety of measures to prevent pest activity beyond tolerable levels.  Our goal is long term pest prevention while creating minimal impact on human health, non-target animals and our environment. 

Properly identifying pests, monitoring population dynamics, utilizing cultural, physical, biological methods and judicious use of chemical controls are all practiced by Buffalo Exterminating professionals using Pest Guard IPM.


Some things your business or organization should consider:

Like any successful business, you pay attention to your bottom line.  So if you are experiencing a pest problem, here are some "costs" that a pest management professional can help prevent:

·         Structural Damage to your buildings and grounds

·         Equipment Damage including chewed wires in telephone, computer, electrical, and security systems

·         Contaminated Products delivered to customers or served at your business

·         Your reputation can be damaged if customers observe pests at your business

·         Employee safety and health is at risk anytime you have pests in the workplace

·         Auditors and regulators who discover pest problems in your business give poor scores on audits and may issue citations for failure to comply with regulations

·         Public image is damaged if the media reports on your pest problems and communicates it to the public including your customers.

As you can see, having a pest management plan handled by competent, reliable professionals is a smart decision.  At Buffalo Exterminating, our experts not only solve pest problems, they put service plans into effect that prevent pest activity in and around your business. And that helps prevent other expensive problems.


Benefits of using Buffalo Exterminating for your Pest Management needs



Buffalo Exterminating

Buffalo Exterminating has developed our exclusive Pest Guard® brand Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System to deliver prompt, effective and efficient service for your business or organization.

Buffalo Exterminating

Buffalo Exterminating is one of approximately 300 out of 18,000 pest control companies in the United States to earn Quality Pro Certification, a national standard of excellence in the pest management industry. 

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