Identify Your Pest

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (bedbugs) are small parasitic insects that feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals, however there has been no evidence suggesting that bed bugs transmit disease.  Bed bugs are only introduced into a home from a previously infested environment, not from a natural outdoor environment. More Info 

 Rodents / Mice / Rats

The common house mouse is widely considered to be one of the most troublesome pests in the US, living and thriving under various conditions in and around homes and farms. As few as two mice can become a major problem in your home in only a matter of months. More Info


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are some of the largest ants that you'll encounter in your home and yard.  Carpenter ants prefer to nest in dead, damp wood but can cause significant damage to the wood in the walls of your home. The black carpenter ant is the most likely species of ant to infest a house in the United States. More Info

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are large, hairy bees that build their nests in burrows in dead wood, bamboo, or structural timbers.  There are nearly 500 species of carpenter bees worldwide. More Info


Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets, or predatory wasps, are black with bright yellow coloring on their heads, thorax, and abdomen.  Yellow Jacket wasps build nests from a paper-like product they create and are usually found in the ground, in bushes, trees, or inside walls, attics, and chimneys of buildings. More Info

Other Pests

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