Are there any steps I can take to help eliminate future pest problems?

You can begin a prevention plan by eliminating the conditions that attract pests. Steps include trimming tree branches and shrubbery away from your house or building, cleaning up leaf litter and removing high weeds near structures, and removing any rotted wood, landscape timbers, fence posts, tree stumps, and other debris. Eliminate food sources by keeping garbage in closed containers, cleaning up after pets, and avoiding or minimizing overspill from bird feeders. As for structures themselves, clear gutters and downspouts of any debris and seal off any openings around foundations and walls. Attics and crawl spaces should be vented properly to prevent moisture buildup, which creates an ideal environment for pests, and the vents should be screened.

Our Home Protection Plus 33 Point Inspection is designed to identify the particular conditions, unique to your own home and property, which tend to promote pest activity. Effective management of pests is best accomplished through cooperation of our pest management professionals and you as the homeowner.


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