Bed Bug Do's and Don'ts

In the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in the bed bug infestations in locations from college dormitories to high end hotels to private residences.  Recently they've been showing up in retail stores, offices and movie theaters.  This is happening across the nation as evidenced by the coverage of these pests in USA Today and on national television programs such as the Today show, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Early Show, etc.

While no one is completely sure, the cause of their resurgence has been attributed to increased international travel combined with the elimination of previously available pesticides, resistance to existing products, changes in pest management practices and a general lack of public awareness of the potential problem.

The most important thing we can do is educate ourselves to prevent infestations.  The following are some of the Dos and Don'ts to bringing bed bugs home.

Do learn what bed bugs look like.  Check out the pictures of them and their eggs in our Common Pests section under Bed Bugs.

Do check your upholstered seats, especially along seams, on public transportation or in common areas such as hotel lobbies, theaters and restaurants for any signs of bed bugs.

Do check hotel rooms thoroughly for bed bugs or stains left behind.  Check in the seams of the mattresses and box springs, on and behind the headboard and on any pictures hanging above the bed.  Before unpacking, check locations where you will place your belongings including hangers, closet shelves, nightstands, drawers and the luggage rack. 

Do inform the hotel management if locate any sign of bedbugs and ask to be moved to another room.  Hotels need to know when bed bugs are present so that appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate the infestation before it grows.

Don't leave your suitcase sitting on the floor, bed or other furniture.  Use the luggage stand.

Do move your bed away from the wall.

Don't leave clothing on the bed or furniture and don't allow clothing or bedding to touch the floor.

Don't bring your suitcase into your bedroom when you return home.  Unpack in the garage or outside if the weather permits.

Do inspect both your belongings and your luggage thoroughly when you unpack at home.  Bed bugs can move from one suitcase to another in a luggage compartment so inspect both on the inside as well as the exterior of your bags.

Do treat luggage, packages and furniture coming home from college in the same manner, inspecting them thoroughly before bringing them into your home.

Do immediately launder all clothes that are coming back into your house at the highest temperature allowed by the fabric.

Do use mattress and box spring encasements at your home that are specifically designed to protect against bed bugs.

Don't purchase used furniture or bring home furniture that has been left at the curb.

Do contact us at Buffalo Exterminating if you have an infestation in your home or office.  While some pest problems can be addressed with over-the-counter products, bed bugs require a professional treatment.

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