Bed Bugs in Buffalo: But How?

Bed bugs almost went extinct in the 1950's, but it appears not all tragic stories come to an end. Unfortunately, bed bugs are alive and well and waiting to hitch a ride in your suitcase or used furniture to make it back to your home. While bed bugs aren't going to transmit infectious diseases, most people do not find being fed on while they sleep at night appealing. Buffalo is a great destination for families, college students, tourists -- you name it! With all that traveling and moving, the risk of bringing bed bugs back with you becomes all too real; but, how?

How do you get bed bugs 

Bed bugs hide in luggage, backpacks, mattresses and furniture items that arebed bugs transported by people to new places; this makes bed bugs the primary culprit of pests when traveling. Bed bugs aren't picky -- they don't care if a person or home are dirty -- they care about hiding and feeding on humans. 

Buffalo is known for its colleges and airport, which bring in visitors and students from all over. Dorms and apartments are often vulnerable to bed bugs due to the constant inflow of new students/tenants. People can transport bed bugs simply by leaving an infested item, such as a backpack, on the ground. Infestations don't take long, and they're easy to spread. Bed bugs can mostly be avoided with awareness and proper prevention, but avoiding extinction means they are craftier than one would imagine. 

Bed bug home and travel protection

Experiencing a bed bug infestation is enough to make a person stop traveling for good! Even the word "infestation" can be stressful for some. Checking for bed bugs is your first step in preventing them. So, how can you be cautious and avoid bringing bed bugs into your home?

Traveling - Hotels and luggage is a huge contributor to bed bugs. Here are a few steps to take when staying in a hotel:

  • Inspect your hotel room when you arrive and look for live bed bugs or stains from bed bug activity (check beds, furniture, closets, under paintings)
  • Check your luggage for bed bugs before you leave the hotel and before you enter your home
  • Keep your luggage near the door of the hotel room or even the bathroom

Returning home - Even if you've made it safely home without spotting any bed bugs, check your luggage and belongings just to be safe:

  • Leave your luggage in the garage/outside -- bed bugs aren't partial to tile or concrete and you can spot them easier
  • Wash and dry the clothes you wore/traveled with at the highest possible temperature
  • If you are extra concerned: remove your clothing in the garage before entering your home to check all clothing/items for bed bugs
  • If you purchase used furniture or home items, make sure to examine them very closely for bed bugs or the dark stains they leave behind 

Bed bug removal 

Knowledge and caution should generally protect you from a bed bug infestation. However, no one is perfect and bed bugs are sneaky! Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate and there are a lot of misconceptions about them. Ehrlich is Buffalo's first choice when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. If you find bed bugs or signs of them in your home or business -- give us a call for a free quote!


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