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 Providing pollen to the plants we rely on, bees are an integral part of the ecosystem. When a colony of bees builds a nest around your home, they can seem like more of a problem than a necessity. Bees are known to fiercely defend their hive, which can result in a lot of painful stings if you aren't careful.

For those with a bee allergy, stings can be life-threatening. This is what can make bee removal tricky -- you want to preserve the ecosystem while protecting your family. So, what do you do when you spot a nest of bees around your Buffalo home?

There are many types of bees, and wasps, to look out for. The good news is -- many species of bee are not aggressive and will leave you alone unless provoked. Some bees don't even have stingers; however, some do. The first step in removing bees is identifying what type of bee they are.

Carpenter bees are a common problem for homeowners in Western New York. They're large, hairy bees that build nests in dead wood or structural timbers. Their nests are commonly found under homes, railings and wooden sheds or decks. Without treatment, these bees can cause structural damage to your home or building by tunneling through beams to create a path for the colony. While only female carpenter bees have stingers, they will use them when agitated or trapped. One bee may not be a problem, but a whole swarm of bees protecting their nest is.

Bringing In A Bee Expert

Determining what type of bee and the method for removal is best left to an expert. A pest control professional should know and obey all state and local laws regarding bee removal. Honey bees, for example, are protected by law and important to the environment. The method of removal varies depending on the size of the nest and the species of bee. Due to the nature of handling stinging insects in large numbers, specialized tools are needed to ensure safety. For example, Ehrlich's technicians wear a thick canvas suit and use bee veils/poles to get the job done. For the protection of your family, and certain species of bee, contacting a professional for help is usually the best option.

In the event that honey bees or bumble bees are nesting around your home, you want to find a professional that respects the law and environment. Ehrlich will work with local beekeepers to relocate and remove nests of bees that are protected. This is not only ethical option, but required by law in some areas!

The Ehrlich Method

Ehrlich Pest Control's Home Protection program is an exclusive service plan dedicated to preventing carpenter bees, bees, wasps and hornets from entering the structure of your home.  This worry-free plan includes three services throughout the spring and summer months beginning in early April and ending in late October. This treatment guarantees the prevention of bees, wasps, and hornets from even considering making your house their new home.

If you find a nest of bees on your property, contact Ehrlich to schedule an inspection and free estimate for safely and ethically removing the colony.

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