Buffalo Summer Pest Prevention Tips

Enjoying the warm weather and spending time with loved ones is what makes summer such a great season. What's not so great is sharing that quality time with pests who also thrive in the summer (sometimes at your expense). While most of us are more active in summer, so are pests. Fortunately, there are proactive steps homeowners in Buffalo and beyond can take to reduce the chance of summer pests inviting themselves in. 

Common summer pests in Buffalo



Bed bugs


Tips to keep summer pests away

Roof & attic

Western New York experienced a severe windstorm or two before the weather started to improve, so it's no surprise that some homeowners experienced roof damage. A damaged roof is a major entryway for pests in search of food and shelter. While your roof may pose a challenge to some pests, it surely doesn't for some. 

Bees, hornets, wasps and termites can gain immediate access to your home through a damaged roof. Some roofing companies will offer free inspections and estimates -- stay safe and let them check for roof damage. Repairing damaged shingles and cracks will help keep pests from getting in. 

Air vents 

While air vents provide homes with necessary ventilation, but they also provide pests with an accessible entry point. Pests such as ants, termites and wasps will find their way into air vents and into your home without proper precaution. The solution is rather easy! Install mesh ventilation covers to prevent pests from entering while still allowing air to flow through. 


As a homeowner, it's nice to open the windows and turn the AC off on a mild summer day. Hopefully, your windows have insect screens built-in. Unprotected windows can let all sorts of pets in, including ants, bees, flies, hornets, mosquitoes, termites and wasps. If you don't have screens or can't get them installed, you'll want to keep your windows sealed and shut. Check for cracks that may need to be sealed with caulk to prevent further entryways. 

Kitchen & garbage 

Keeping a clean house is ideal... but time does get in the way. During summer, you want to keep as clean of a kitchen as possible. Trails of food will lead pests right to your food sources. Garbage receptacles are also important -- it's best to change them daily. Scrub the counter and floor to ensure no food is left behind. Ants, flies and wasps enjoy the fruitful labors of kitchen foraging. Try to clean up down to the last crumb during summer!


Who doesn't love a summer vacation? Bed bugs definitely do. While you're off enjoying time with friends and family, you may be bringing home blood-sucking pests in your suitcase. Bed bugs are active all year-round, but especially in the summer. Triple-check your hotel room and luggage whenever you travel! Bed bugs aren't always easy to spot, but they leave behind clues (like dark stains around suspected areas of infestation). 

Keeping Buffalo pests out for good

Having pests in your home isn't fun during any season -- but summer is when they are most active. If you find that your home pest prevention fails, Ehrlich is here to help. Our PestFree365 program guarantees a pest-free home all year-round from 31 of Western New York's most common pests. 

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