Checking For Bed Bugs In Your Buffalo Home

 Winter in Buffalo may not seem like an ideal climate for bed bugs, but the brown-colored insects are always on the prowl for food. Bed bugs are not partial to homes, apartments or businesses -- they will infest almost any area with warm-blooded mammals (like humans). It takes at least four hours of exposure to 0° Fahrenheit or colder for bed bugs to be killed by low temperatures. Found in bed frames, furniture or anywhere humans are still for long periods of time, bed bugs feast on human hosts at night, usually.

Bed bugs do not transmit disease to humans and their bites are mild (unless you're allergic); however, an infestation of bed bugs can cause a lot of psychological harm when you're trying to sleep and there's bugs coming out of your mattress to bite you! If you've recently moved or traveled and feel like you may have been exposed to bed bugs, here's how to find out:

What to look for when searching for bed bugs.

Bed bugs love to play hide n' seek; however, the seeking is usually done while you're asleep. Specializing in hiding, bed bugs aren't always careful about what clues they leave behind. If you suspect there's bed bugs creeping around your home, there's a few signs to watch out for.

  • Live bugs: This may seem obvious, but bed bugs go through multiple life stages and change in appearance! Don't mistake a nymph (young, white-colored bed bug) for something less alarming. Bed bugs are more active at night, but you can spot them during the day if you search hard enough.

  • Blood stains: It may be creepy, but bed bugs feed on human blood while inserting an anesthetic to the host's skin. Start by looking for blood stains or tiny fecal matter (black dots) on your bed! This is a sign that they've been biting you.

  • Eggs: It wouldn't be an infestation without more bugs! Bed bugs' eggs are small, narrow and white-translucent in color. Search for eggs in the crease of your mattress or small crevices near your bed.

  • Shed skins: Bed bugs shed their skin when they grow into a new life stage, leaving behind a shedding you may be able to spot near other signs of infestation.

  • Odor: An infestation of bed bugs will leave a noticeable odor, often described as smelling like coriander, or something rotten. Professional bed bug dogs will pick up on a small amount of them, but a heavy infestation may not even require canine support. Use your nose!

Where to look for bed bugs.

It's pretty easy for bed bugs to hide in any space. With flat, small bodies, they can fit into a small crevice in your mattress, carpet -- almost anywhere they can hide in between feeding on blood. Their versatility is what makes them hard to spot when traveling or moving into a new space. If you've gone on vacation, bought used furniture or moved recently -- it's possible that you have been exposed to bed bugs. Here's a few common places to check:

  • Bed frames and headboards: Check your mattress and behind your headboard for blood stains and fecal matter. Bed bugs love to hide, but they don't always do a good job of hiding their activity.

  • Furniture: Bed bugs can hide inside the creases of couches, chairs or cushions. Try lifting every cushion and searching every nook of furniture.

  • Luggage and clothes: Traveling can be one way to pick up bed bugs. Inspect luggage and clothing carefully when unpacking from a trip.

  • Electrical outlets: Take out the faceplates of all the electrical outlets in the suspected area and check inside them! Bed bugs can get pretty creative in where they hide.

  • Picture frames/decor: Anything hanging or steady that bed bugs can gather and hide behind is ideal for them. Don't leave any stone (or frame) unturned.

What to do when you find bed bugs.

If you stay inside your home and never bring any furniture or clothing in or out -- you may be safe from bed bugs! But when do we allow pests to control our lives? Arming yourself with knowledge about bed bugs and how to spot signs of them will help you steer clear of bringing them into your home. If bed bugs find their way in, they are difficult to eliminate.

As Buffalo's first choice when it comes to bed bug extermination, we're happy to provide you with a fast solution. If you suspect bed bugs are shacking up in your home, don't hesitate and call us today to schedule an inspection!

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