Getting Rid of Cockroaches in Western New York

Surviving an estimated 350-400 million years and counting, cockroaches are probably the most ancient pest there is. This means they are incredibly durable, and adaptable. Commonly found in urban areas and places where food is stored, cockroaches seem to be everywhere. The nocturnal pest can be found scurrying around at night in search of food, or shelter in colder climates.

With that being said, winter is a period of increased survival tactics for cockroaches -- and we know survival is their strength. Finding cockroaches in your home is more than gross, it's dangerous. Cockroaches are known to carry serious viruses, diseases and even tapeworms. These can be transmitted to humans through food and water contamination. Finding and stopping the world's oldest pest is your best option. So, we've got the full 411 on finding and treating cockroaches in your Buffalo home:


For a species with such longevity, you'd think cockroaches would learn to be more discreet. It may not take you seeing a cockroach to discover an infestation. Cockroaches will go after food, paper, leather goods -- almost anything! If you find peculiar damage to items around your home, cockroaches may be to blame. For other signs of cockroaches, look out for:

  • Droppings - cockroaches leave behind a dust of black droppings that are generally less than 1mm wide, however can vary in size

  • Smear marks - if water is present, cockroaches can produce brown marks on surfaces they are active

  • Shed skin - similar to a snake, roaches will shed 5-8 times as they mature into adults; check for this in places you think they may be active

Even if you don't see cockroaches -- you might be able to smell them. An infestation of roaches will leave a recognizable odor wherever it goes. This is when you want to quickly call in an expert!

Preventing Cockroaches in your Western NY Home

The best prevention of any pest is a clean, clear home. This may be easier said than done, but it's a good method to reduce the amount of pests taking up shelter. What can you do to prevent cockroaches? Follow these tips:

  • Food sources - if opened, store food in tightly closed containers; don't leave any food sitting out on the counter or table & clean up every last crumb

  • Clutter - get rid of it; clutter is a culprit for harboring pests like cockroaches and spiders

  • Waste maintenance - make sure your garbage is taken out regularly and empty bottles in recycling are rinsed

  • Seal entryways - Cracks in pipes, gaps in frames, drains -- any space a cockroach can enter or hide should be closed off

Finding cockroaches in your home can be unsettling. It's important to treat the problem right away before it worsens. Act fast!

Cockroach Treatments 101

Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill. They haven't survived this long for nothing! While there are a few methods to rid a home of cockroaches, bringing in an expert is the best way to stop the infestation before it grows even more. The benefit of bringing in a professional like Ehrlich is that we have a reliable method for every pest -- even cockroaches. Depending on your needs as a home or commercial business, our experts will perform a complete inspection to determine the best method for treatment.

Eliminating a cockroach infestation can take more than one visit. Our experts at Ehrlich will perform follow-up visits to ensure your pest is taken care of. To stay pest-free 365 days of the year, contact us today about Pestfree365 -- our program that guarantees a pest-free home from 31 of the most common pests found in Western New York homes.

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