Keeping Your Western New York Business Pest-Free

commercial pest preventionNo matter what kind of commercial operations or business you run, you want to keep your customers coming back. This philosophy does not apply to pests, however. A pest-free work environment is important for a lot of reasons--keeping the people at your place of business safe and happy is probably the most vital. Even if your employees or customers aren't affected by pests on-site, they aren't the only factor to be concerned with. Pests can cause a lot of problems for business owners, so we broke down what you want to prevent, and how:

What pests can do to your business

Living in Western New York has a lot of its advantages, including four seasons of weather that not all pests find enjoyable. Unfortunately, some pests remain a problem in the Buffalo area and businesses aren't exempt from it.

Employee/customer safety 

Anytime there are pests in the workplace, safety becomes an issue. Some pests are more dangerous than others, but taking risks is not an option when it comes to safety. Something as common as a bee allergy can turn into a serious health risk! When you notice pests on the premises, don't wait until the problem worsens. 

Structural damage

Whether you lease or own your business space, structural damage caused by pests, like carpenter ants or termites, is bound to make your life more difficult. If you own your commercial space, structural damage will produce some ser

ious costs if the problem persists. 

Equipment damage

Got rodents? You may find wires chewed and damaged, resulting in costly repairs of computers, electrical or security systems. Not all pests are easy to find, but the damage they leave behind is noticeable. 

Contaminated products 

If you work in a building that houses food or medical operations, pests are definitely not welcome. Rodents, mosquitoes, flies and many other pests have the potential to carry transmittable diseases by contaminating food sources. Keep your stock safe, keep pests out. 

Professional image

A business can't get very far without a solid reputation. Pests aren't going to leave your workplace good reviews on the internet, so make sure they're left in the dust along with any bad reviews customers may leave after seeing them. 

Commercial pest prevention tips 

To keep pests where they belong (not in your workplace), follow these steps to a prevent a pest-friendly environment: 

Fix exterior damage

If pests can't get into your workplace, they can't do much harm. Perform regular maintenance on possible entryways: doors, windows, siding, gutters and roof to ensure none of them have cracks or openings that provide an entrance. 

Office kitchens

Employees should clean up after themselves and make sure not to leave any old food in the fridge or drain. When there's one shared space for food with numerous employees--the kitchen can become an ideal breeding ground for pests. Keep it clean!

Empty receptacles 

Make sure all trash receptacles are emptied from inside the office daily (if possible). If there are large receptacles outside, check them regularly for standing water that could house a mosquito infestation

Indoor plants

commercial pest control

Mosquitoes love standing water and soil. If possible, try to keep fake indoor plants to avoid pest activity. If an indoor plant isn't maintained well or is watered too much, it can breed fungus gnats, which lay eggs and cause an even bigger problem. 

Regularly clean office space

To avoid creepy crawlies hanging out around the workplace, regularly dust and wipe down desks, counters, ceilings--everything. Pests love cluttered, dusty places to hide! 

Expert commercial pest control 

When the need for pest control arises, you want a professional. While DIY approaches can work, keeping your business pest-free can be a year-round job! Ehrlich Exterminating is Quality Pro Certified, one of 200 out of about 18,000 pest control companies in the U.S.! This designation isyour assurance of the highest levels of service, trained technicians, environmental stewardship and professional behavior. When it comes to commercial pest control, we're Buffalo's experts. 

Ehrlich developed the exclusive Pest Guard brand® Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System as the basis for our pest prevention service plans. Our Pest Guard Inspection Plan identifies the environmental conditions in and around your structures which attract or support pest activity. We then take steps to eliminate the points in your building where pests may gain entry.

If pests find their way onto your commercial property or business, you can count on Ehrlich to remove them for good!

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