New Homeowners: Signs of Pests in Your Buffalo Home

 Have pests moved into your new home before you? When you purchase a home, sometimes there's a lot of ground to cover. You may need to do some remodeling, yard work, painting -- lots of things; but what about pest control? Sometimes it's difficult to spot pest issues, especially when you're focused on becoming a new homeowner.

Some pests, like rodents and termites, can cause severe damage to a home before you even move in. It's best to investigate the property for signs of pests before purchasing. Here are a few pests you may find in Buffalo, and the signs to look for:


This is one pest you really don't want to find around your new home. Termites are said to be one of the most damaging pests a home can have. A termite infestation feeds 24/7 -- that's a lot of damage to the structure of your home. Make sure to clear any stored wood, debris and other materials from your property. When working in the yard of your new home, use termite-treated wood for your fence and garden. How can you tell there's already termites?

  • Search for mud tubes on the exterior of your home and the walls of your basement (if you have one)

  • Termites like to feed on the wood beneath a home, so any hollow-sounding wood can be an indication of a problem

  • Check for existing damage to the exterior of the home: decks, fences, gardens, crawl spaces, sheds, etc.


If you spot one ant in a new home, search for more! There's likely a colony of ants nearby when there are ants foraging around. Not at all ants cause damage to your home, but carpenter ants do. Similar to termites, these pests will tunnel and damage your home's structure. When paying a mortgage, home damage is the last thing you want to have to deal with. So, here's how to spot their activity:

  • See if there are signs of wet or damaged wood around the house

  • Small piles of sawdust around entry holes to tunnels

  • If you spot a big black ant -- it's could be a carpenter ant (they are larger than most ants)



Finding rats or mice in a new home can pose a serious problem. Not only do rodents contaminate food sources, they're carriers of disease that can be life-threatening to humans and pets. Whether you live in the city or in the country, rodents are scurrying about; however, this doesn't mean we want them in our homes. How do you know they're there?

  • Check for small droppings around the property

  • If you heard scratching noises from inside the walls or under the floor -- it could be little rodent feet running around

  • You may find rodent nests in empty cabinets, closets or behind appliances (generally made out of scrap materials that the rodent has chewed up)


Staying Pest-Free in Buffalo

It's important to inspect a new home for existing damage, construction errors, pests -- you name it. Knowing that your investment is sound is a good feeling. With that in mind, there's no telling what pests may be lurking in a home before you purchase it, or after. The best way to know is to get a free in-home inspection. If you spot any of these pest signs, or something different altogether, call a professional that is tough on pests, easy on your new home -- Ehrlich Exterminating!


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