Preventing Mosquito Bites In Western New York

Nobody likes the buzzing sound of a mosquito flying around their head or waking up to find six random, itchy bites scattered across your body. Face it, mosquitoes suck! You want to enjoy your summer -- and that usually means being outdoors. So, whether you're at home or at an outdoor BBQ, what can you do to avoid getting bitten?

Protecting yourself against mosquitoesinsect bites

Unfortunately, smelling good and wearing shorts will attract more than just people. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark-colored clothing and sweet fragrances. If you can adjust your outfit to be less mosquito-friendly, you're already on the right path. Try these tips to protect yourself further:

  • Avoid outdoor activities at night  (this is when mosquitoes are the most active)
  • Wear light-colored clothing 
  • Reduce skin exposure (if the weather permits it, try wearing long sleeves and pants)
  • Use EPA-registered insect repellent 

It's hard to cover up during the summer heat. If you are attending a nighttime event outside, make sure to use repellent and try to cover up if possible. If you can't live without a fragrance or want to dilute the smell of repellent, mosquitoes do not like lemongrass or lavender (which make a great natural scent). 

Preventing mosquitoes in the yard 

An unkempt yard is a welcoming breeding ground for mosquitoes. Removing all potential breeding sources in your yard will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes as well as your risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease! Take these steps to clean up your yard:

  • Keep weeds trimmed and under control - mosquitoes spend their time during the day resting on low vegetation for the higher humidity levels 
  • Remove any standing water - empty anything holding collected water (wheelbarrows, flower pots, watering cans, etc.)
  • Clean your gutters - clear debris from your gutters to ensure there is no water pooled up and providing a nesting opportunity for mosquitoes 
  • Keep your lawn at approximately 3'' in height 
  • If you have a birdbath or ornamental pond - change the water in your birdbath weekly; purchase top-feeding minnows to reduce mosquito larvae 

Without sources of standing water, mosquitoes can't hatch. Make sure your yard is free of potential breeding grounds and you will prevent a lot of headaches -- and itchy bites!

Preventing mosquitoes indoorsmosquito

The only thing worse than being bitten by mosquitoes outside is being bitten by them in your own home! Nobody likes pests in their home, especially flying pests that want to feed on you. What can you do in the home to avoid being bitten?

  • Use a fan - mosquitoes are not strong fliers, so using a ceiling fan should help keep them out of a room if it's powerful enough
  • Mesh screens - install screens in your windows and doorways to block off home access (make sure the screens are "bug tight")

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