Rodent Removal in Your Buffalo Home

It's been quite a cold winter this year in Western New York, even reaching a new record low temperature in Buffalo on New Year's Day. With freezing weather not stopping anytime soon, there's no doubt pests are more desperate than ever to find shelter. Rodents

are a huge problem in winter, invading homes with no preference of zip code.

While you can take some preventative steps to keeping rodents out of your Buffalo home, once you find them, it's important to keep them out for the safety (and comfort) of your family. Rodents can carry harmful diseases like the hantavirus or Lyme Disease, which can be transmitted to humans through contamination of food and water sources. So, if you find rats or mice in or around your home, here's what you can do to remove them:

Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control

It is possible to handle a rat problem on your own to save money; however, it's important to note that an infestation should be taken care of by a professional. As a homeowner, you have the ability to make improvements to the structure of your home. This type of DIY pest control is helpful to keep out a variety of pests of all sizes. Take the time to seal any gaps or holes in walls, door and window frames -- anything a tiny mice could fit through!

Once your home is sealed, you will want to purchase rodent traps to place around your home. The trick is to use multiple traps. This can take time and money to handle a consistent rodent problem. To keep your children or pets safe, it's vital to monitor and remove any rodents that are baited and killed by the trap. While DIY-traps are helpful, they do not ensure complete rodent removal. If your rodent problem persists, call a professional to inspect your home.

Professional Help with Rodents in Buffalo

For complete removal of a rat or mice infestation, you need to call in the big guns. A pest control professional should have a guaranteed solution to your rodent problem. The most effective method of rodent removal is with the use of rodenticides. Ehrlich's professionals use a large selection of safe and effective rodenticides that can be used in your home, or on your property. Paired with professional rat bait stations that can be placed strategically, rodenticides will safely take care of rodents for good! Bringing in an expert to handle a rodent infestation may not be your cheapest option, but it's the most effective in keeping your home pest-free.

The Ehrlich Method

At Ehrlich, our licensed technicians respond within 24 hours to complete a thorough inspection of your property. This is an important step in treatment -- identifying the source of the problem. With a range of customizable treatments, you can be assured that the chosen treatment will be safe for your entire family. Not only are our treatment methods effective, they're scientifically tested to ensure complete pest removal. The best part -- our work is guaranteed! We will perform follow-up inspections and make sure your home stays pest-free all year long. If you discover rodents in your Buffalo home, we've got your back. Contact us today for a free quote!

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