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 Not many people enjoy 8-legged creatures crawling around their home. Finding one spider, let alone an infestation, can be a traumatic experience. While house spiders aren't generally aggressive, many people have a real fear of arachnids. Every species of spider has fangs and will use them to bite if threatened (like being picked picked up or squeezed). Spider bites can be pretty painful, although rarely venomous; however, the Brown Recluse spider, found in North America, can sometimes be "necrotic", causing the flesh around a bite to rot and spread if not treated. Whether you have a fear of spiders or not, it's safe to say that most homeowners would like to prevent them. Here's a few things you can do:

Keeping spiders out.

It's not always easy to keep out pests. Spiders are searching for a home and a meal, often like us. This doesn't mean that homeowners want to house spiders, though. Taking precautions to keep spiders out of your Buffalo home is the first defense in spider control.

  • Manage pests that are prey to spiders. This is important and sometimes overlooked. If your property has a large amount of mosquitoes, or an infestation of fleas, you could be providing a bed-n-breakfast for a spider infestation without even knowing it. Take the necessary steps to having a pest-free yard and home and it won't invite any spiders or other tiny predators.

  • Practice routine cleaning. This ties into preventing an environment that welcomes spiders. Debris and clutter are an ideal environment for pests of all sorts. Regularly dust and clean your home, sealing and removing any boxes that may be stored on the floor. This is a good time to remove any existing webs, decreasing the opportunity for egg sacs to hatch.

  • Home maintenance. Any lights outside your home should be consistently cleaned and replaced with yellow bulbs if possible. These bulbs attract less insects, and in turn, less spiders. Sealing cracks in windows and doors will reduce the amount of pest entrance points. Even the smallest openings should be closed -- spiders are known to grow bigger once inside if there's prey to feed on.

  • Exterior plants & vegetation. Spiders like to burrow in the leaves of plants. Arrange your vegetation so that it does not touch the side of your home. Ivy or tall shrubs that graze your home will surely provide transport for spiders looking for their next meal. Keep your house free of overhanging plants that may harbor pests.

  • Natural remedies. While not a surefire solution, vinegar and water mixed together can provide a natural remedy for spider control. Placed in a spray bottle, this homemade formula can be used on cracks and small spaces that spiders may hide in or enter through.

The Ehrlich method.

Scared of spiders? We don't blame you. A spider-free home or business can be accomplished with professional help. At Ehrlich, we have an expert method to identifying and removing spider infestations. If your prevention efforts do not work, we're here to help. Contact us today for a free quote on removing spiders from your home for good!

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