Types of Spiders You'll Find in Western New York

Unless you own a pet tarantula, you probably don't want to find any spiders in your home. What happens if you do? There's roughly 40,000 species of spiders around the world. Fortunately, for people living in Western New York, there's about five common species of spiders you can expect to find crawling around (hopefully not in your home). Most spiders are relatively harmless and will avoid biting people; however, some spiders do carry venom. Understanding what type of spider you're dealing with can make getting rid of them a lot less scary! Here's the most common species you'll find living in Buffalo:

House Spider

The Common House Spider, or American House Spider, is the most common spider we find in our homes. These arachnids are tiny and create sheet webs in the high corners of the rooms in our homes. Common places for this species are sheds, walls and unattended ceilings. An adult size House Spider is about 1/4" in length, usually with a yellow-brown body with gray short hairs. Completely harmless, this spider just wants to be left alone to catch prey in its webs. You can avoid these spiders in your home by regularly dusting and cleaning high areas.

Wolf Spider

Unlike most spiders you'll find in the home, this spider does not build a web. It prefers to use its powerful eyesight to scope out prey and attack on foot. Wolf Spiders are moderately large, they can grow to about 1/4" in length. This species is almost always brown with two dark stripes on its back. Their bite packs a powerful punch and may sting, but won't cause much damage. Wolf spiders hunt at night, searching for prey on foot. Keep your floors clear of clutter and make sure they're cleaned regularly -- this will help prevent wolf spiders from nesting in your home.

Orb-Weaving Spider

Orb web spiders spin beautiful, intricate webs that we often try to replicate on Halloween! These spiders prefer to live outside. You can find their large webs adorned over trees or shrubs. It's not often we find orb web spiders in our homes, they prey on large insects and occasionally even frogs.

Fortunately, for us, these spiders will almost always leave humans alone and do not have venom that's medically threatening. Orb web spiders are usually reddish-brown in color with triangular abdomens. These spiders can help curb insect problems in your yard -- but clearing the vegetation around your home of webs will help reduce their numbers if you wish to do so.

Cellar Spider (Daddy Longlegs)

Found in damp areas like your basement, daddy longlegs hang upside down from their webs waiting for prey. You'll notice their extremely long, thin legs right away. These spiders are commonly found in urban areas, garages and sheds. Cellar spiders will generally run away from humans or wiggle into loose webs to be less visible. About 2-8mm long, daddy longlegs typically have eight eyes (although sometimes six) and are relatively harmless -- even if they don't look like it.

Brown Recluse Spider

While not common, brown recluse spiders can be found in Western New York homes. This brown (or sometimes deep yellow) spider is about 1/4-3/4" long with long brown legs covered in small hairs. These spiders are well-known due to their venomous bites. Brown recluse spiders will usually only bite when provoked, but it's not definite. Their bite differs by a person and their sensitivity, but it can range from nothing to a pinprick sensation.

What makes the bite of a brown recluse spider nerve racking is that is it known to have nectroic properties, causing a slow deterioration of flesh at the location of the bite.

This species is moderately poisonous; it likely won't send you to the hospital, but sometimes professional medical treatment is required. Brown recluse spiders hunt insects and can survive six months without food and water! These spiders prefer dark, secluded areas in the home like attics and closets. As you may have guessed -- keeping things dusted and free of clutter is a great method to prevent spiders in areas you don't normally hang out in.

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