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Carpenter Bee Exterminator in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo NY Carpenter Bee Exterminator


What is a Carpenter Bee?

Carpenter bees are large, hairy bees that build their nests in burrows in dead wood, bamboo, or structural timbers.  They drill nearly perfect round holes, about an inch or two in diameter into wood surfaces.  Carpenter bees are often found under the eaves of homes, under wooden railings, around wooden sheds, and under wooden decks. There are nearly 500 species of carpenter bees worldwide.

Should I Call a Carpenter Bee Exterminator?

Below are signs and symptoms of a carpenter bee problem, as well as the answers to common questions about this pest. If you have additional questions or believe you have an infestation, it's time to call a carpenter bee exterminator. 

How can I tell if I have a carpenter bee issue?

Buffalo Carpenter Bee ExterminatorThe first sign of a carpenter bee problem is perfectly round holes on wood surfaces. These holes are created by the carpenter bees, where they enter the wood. If you notice fine wood shavings beneath the round hole, this is another indication of carpenter bee activity.  Similar to carpenter ants, carpenter bees do not consume the wood; they simply excavate the wood and push it out of the hole to make room for their home.  Lastly, if carpenter bees are drilling into dark wood, yellow residue can often be seen on the sides of the hole and underneath the hole.  This yellow residue is the carpenter bee's excrement's, as they normally go right before they enter their home.

Why do I have a carpenter bee issue?

Carpenter bees will drill into nearly any untreated wood surface. They are particularly known to enter eaves, underneath wooden porch rails, under decking, gazebos, and sheds.  It used to be the case that carpenter bees would only be found in untreated, unstained wood.  However, more recently we have seen carpenter bees be more resilient in their efforts, entering painted, stained, and treated wood.   Carpenter bees are most common and active in the spring time, as they emerge from over wintering. 

Should I worry about damages?

Carpenter bees will create substantial headaches for home and business owners if they continue creating holes and voids in a wooden structure.  The carpenter bee hole is often the only damage visible to the eye, however once carpenter bees are inside the hole, they tunnel to the left and to the right inside the wood creating chambers to lay their eggs in.  Damage can often times go unnoticed until entire wooden beams need to be replaced due to extensive disrepair of wood.

Are carpenter bees dangerous?

The male carpenter bees do not have stingers, however, they do tend to be territorial among other insects and humans so often times they will harass people and appear to be chasing them.  The female carpenter bees do have stingers, but will not sting unless placed in a confined area or severely agitated. 

How can Ehrlich Exterminating help?

Ehrlich Exterminating offers multiple solutions to prevent carpenter bees from drilling into your wood structures. Ehrlich Exterminating's exclusive Home Protection and Home Protection Plus programs are service plans that offer complete protection against carpenter bees. 

Ehrlich Exterminating's Home Protection program is an exclusive service plan dedicated to preventing carpenter bees, bees, wasps, and hornets from entering the structure of your home.  This worry free plan includes 3 services throughout the spring and summer months beginning in early April and ending in late October.  The services, automatically scheduled about 8-10 weeks apart from each other include a thorough evaluation of the exterior of the home, specifically addressing target areas of bee, wasp, and hornet infestations.  The service also includes a complete upper perimeter exterior treatment of the home.  This treatment guarantees the prevention of bees, wasps, and hornets from even considering making your house their new home. 

Ehrlich Exterminating's exclusive Home Protection Plus program covers 31 of the most common household pests in the Western New York area.  As Ehrlich Exterminating's most popular program, the Home Protection Plus plan provides year round protection against pests such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants, pavement ants, spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, silverfish, and the list goes on.  The Home Protection Plus program includes 4 scheduled services throughout the year.  3 services are scheduled during the warmer months between April and October, about 8-10 weeks apart.  The fourth scheduled service is in the winter months between November and March.  This service provides a thorough evaluation of the interior of the home to ensure complete pest free living. The winter service also includes an exterior inspection to make sure there are no cracks, crevices or structural deficiencies that may be conducive to pest harborage. 

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