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77% of US adults would not return to a restaurant where they saw a bug.

Some food for thought about pest management for restaurants and food service companies.

A recent Harris Poll revealed that pests can really leave a bad taste in a customer's mouth.  Nearly 77% of adults polled said they would not return to a restaurant where they saw a cockroach, or, even worse, a rodent.  Even the smallest bug can cause business to fly out the door, never to return.

Some recipes for prevention. Restaurants should continually step up their efforts at pest management and food safety to keep pests out of their establishments. Here are a few suggestions.

·         Return to your regularly scheduled program- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  A regularly scheduled pest management program is like an insurance policy for happy customers. Stick with it.

·         Keep it clean-  Of course, most restaurants follow strict sanitation procedures.  Try stepping them up even more.  Clean up spilled food and beverages immediately.  Clean in the kitchen, under sinks and tables, around beverage dispensers, and garbage containers daily.

·         Do away with decay- Decaying fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods and other moist foods, attract insects like a magnet, particularly fruit flies.  Store over ripe fruits and vegetables in a cooler or use within a few days.  Dispose of rotting foods or fermenting baked goods in sealed bags or containers.

·         Seek and seal- Look for areas where insects and rodents may gain entry, and keep track of where pests have been seen.  Seal cracks around foundations and baseboards.  Regrout tile floors and keep floors dry.  Check ceiling tiles, light fixtures, eaves and other areas for possible entry points and seal up.


A pest management program handled by competent, reliable professionals is a smart business decision.  Advancements in professional pest management are delivering new products to the restaurant industry that can be used to develop safe, efficient and effective programs.  Also keep in mind, for the safety of your staff and guests, Article 33 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law specifies that only a state-certified professional can apply pest control material to a commercial property.


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