Is there a simple way to get rid of pesky tiny ants?

There are a number of small ant species in the Western New York area which commonly find their way into homes and businesses. Proper identification is usually necessary to determine where the particular ants are likely coming from so proper control measures can be applied. Some ants live in soil along foundations, others prefer wall voids, while others may travel some distance to a structure in search of food. Certain species of ants prefer protein based foods while others like sweets which is important if ant baits are being used for control. While a spray application of a pesticide works well to control certain types of ants it will scatter other species resulting in multiple sources of ant activity rather than just one.

Buffalo Exterminating offers free identification service of specemines that are dropped off at our office. If mailing a sample it is best to place it in a pill bottle or similar container to protect the delicate body parts from damage which may make it impossible to accurately identify.


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