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Carpenter Bee Removal Clarence

Carpenter Bee Eradication Clarence Carpenter Bee Removal Clarence provides extermination services dealing with cases of carpenter bee infiltration in establishment across the town of Clarence in Erie County. There are 500 carpenter bee species, but none would willingly sting humans. The female only stings when they feel that their nest is in harm's way or when they are being captured. 

Clarence Carpenter Bee Removal

No need to call for Carpenter Bee Removal Clarence just because you see harmless carpenter bees flying around your porch right? Wrong! If carpenter bees pose almost no threat to humans, why the concern? Well, carpenter bees love woods; especially soft wood (e.g. cedar, California redwood, Douglas firs and white pine). Carpenter bees burrow some feet (as long as 10 feet) into the wood of a things like your home, patio or anything else made of wood on your property.  However, there exist rare cases in which these bees together with a lot of nests turn structural integrity of establishments dangerous. This is when home owners call for Carpenter Bee Removal Clarence to exterminate them effectively and efficiently.

Clarence Carpenter Bee ControlCarpenter Bee Removal Clarence strongly suggests the use of hard woods, treated or painted, in house construction. Carpenter bees will never consider burrowing into a hard wood; instead they will fly away and find a soft one.  A perfectly circle hole marks the entrance-exit of the nest which may be stained with yellow colored waste. In normal cases, such existing holes would not render your house unsafe. Contact Carpenter Bee Removal Clarence professionals to get rid of these pests before it's too late.

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