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 Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter Bee Removal Lewiston

Carpenter Bee Control LewistonIf you find a small half-inch hole in your home you might have a carpenter bee infestation.  Carpenter bees are common throughout the entire United States and in cities like Lewiston there is a good chance the hole was created by an Eastern carpenter bee.  If you suspect that you have a carpenter bee problem contact a Carpenter Bee Removal Lewiston expert.  These bees burrow deep into wood and can cause substantial damage if left unattended or untreated.  The damage they can cause to your home and furniture that are made of wood can be extensive.  Call Buffalo Exterminating to for the removal of the Carpenter Bees in Lewiston.

Lewiston Carpenter Bee Removal

An individual burrow is relatively harmless but could be a sign of bigger and unseen damages.  The primary cause of concern is when many burrows are clustered in one piece of wood. Some of these burrows can be six inches or deeper, can remove a large portion of the wood's mass and strength. Lewiston Carpenter Bee Removal can help with getting rid of the pest because the weakened wood, posts, frames and even floors, can break, crack or splinter if too many holes are present.  It can be difficult for homeowners to determine the extent of the damage since the burrow entrances may be distributed across a wide area and may be hidden from view. It's in your best interest to contact the professionals with Carpenter Bee removal in Lewiston.

Lewiston Carpenter Bee ServiceDiscovering a carpenter bee burrow and hiring a pest expert like Carpenter Bee removal in Lewiston can also expose hidden danger in your home posed by other pests.  To prevent further attacks on the wood in your homes special treatment can be applied on the wood to make it resistant to insects.  IF you have a wood infestation in your home contact a Carpenter bee removal Lewiston professional and ask for a consultation and estimate.  Stopping the problem now will ensure the prevention of further infestations and damages.


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