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 Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter Bee Removal Newfane

Newfane Carpenter Bee ControlCarpenter Bees found in Newfane and all over Western New York are relatively harmless to humans and pets, but can cause damage to the wood in your home and furniture. Carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees but are not "furry" and finding one of these in your home can mean an infestation. To curtail the damage contact a Carpenter Bee Removal Newfane expert to assess and handle your bee problem. Although not considered a severe structural pest, these can cause unsightly holes in wooded parts of the house and furniture.

Carpenter bees use burrows in wood as nests to lay their eggs in. A female Carpenter bee will burrow a hole, roughly six inches deep, into wood and lay their eggs in compartments created with chewed up wood pulp. ContactBuffalo Exterminating for professional Carpenter Bee Removal in Newfane. A large number of burrows concentrated in one piece of wood can weaken it severely enough to cause cracking or breaking. To prevent further wood damage, once a Carpenter bee burrow is identified a Carpenter Bee Removal Newfane expert should be asked to remove the infestation. Carpenter bee burrow entrances are around 1/2 inch wide and is almost a perfect circle, it can also be identified by wood shavings and pulp accumulated near the entrance.

Newfane Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter Bee Services NewfaneHiring a Carpenter Bee Removal Newfane professional can also have the added benefit of discovering and identifying other pest related problems in the home. A few Carpenter bee burrows may not be considered a structural red light but signs of termite can be a sign of very expensive damages. While checking for Carpenter bees, pest exterminators can detect termite activities which are harder to find since termites rarely break the surface of the wood. Exterminators for Carpenter Bee Removal Newfane can also handle other common household pests like ants,cockroaches and rodents.

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