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Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield

Carpenter Bee Control Wheatfield

An extermination process may be a probable action when carpenter bees accumulate in a certain delicate wood structure that might render the entire house unsafe for occupancy. Contact Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield and they will surely handle your case accurately and appropriately.

Wheatfield Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter bees do not pose any threat to humans since only the female carpenter bees have stingers which they only use once provoked. The real problem is the cumulative damage they could incur to the wood structures of the house due to many nesting places they burrowed inside. The burrowed tunnels into the nest could go up to 10 feet long. Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield strongly suggests that when constructing properties; avoid using soft woods such as cedar, California redwood, Douglas firs and white pine. If possible,don't use woods, but if wood structures suit your taste, Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield recommends oak, maple and other hard woods; then treat it and apply polyurethane paint.

Amherst Carpenter Bee ServiceSo for those who are incapable of reconstructing the entire damaged wood structure, Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield suggests to seal them inside their nests with putty. Entrance holes are noticeably stained with yellow-colored wastes habitually excreted by carpenter bees before they enter the nest. This sealing will trap carpenter bees inside the tunnels as well as fix the entrance holes in your wood structures. It is effective since for some reason carpenter bees don't burrow themselves out of the nest they were sealed in. Carpenter Bee Removal Wheatfield does the sealing at nighttime when carpenter bees have reduced mobility due to the relatively colder temperature of the night. Carpenter bees are not nocturnal creatures, so nighttime is a rest period for them - a perfect time to engage an assault. 

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