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yellow jacket removal

Yellow Jacket Removal Orchard Park

 Yellow Jacket RemovalYellow jackets are a general name for wasps. They are mainly predatory and are essential in keeping insect populations in check. These wasps are small, with their sizes ranging from half to three-fourth inch in size. They are usually of black and yellow coloring, hence the name. However a few species are black and white. They can bear a striking resemblance to honey bees. Yellow Jacket Removal Orchard Park experts can distinguish these two insects just in case you want to exterminate the yellow jackets but keep the honey bees.

Orchard Park Yellow Jacket Removal Services

Yellow Jacket Elimination Come summer, the queen Yellow Jacket lays eggs that develop into larvae. In a single summer a queen can grow into a colony of up to ten thousand wasps. Yellow jackets are important as they prey on many annoying insects. However, sometimes their populations explode particularly during the long summers. That is why it is so important to contact Park Yellow Jacket Removal Orchard Park early in the year, to nip the problem in the bud. Yellow jackets are very attracted to food particularly for sweets, decaying fruits and meats. Keep all food and trash bins covered to prevent them coming near. Also avoid using scented hairspray and perfume as these can also attract yellow jackets.

Yellow Jackets are active during the day but return to the nest at night. Most Yellow Jacket Removal Orchard Park exterminators will remove nests at night, when all the wasps are in and they can easily suffocate them with chemicals. Getting rid of nests can be quite dangerous and should be left to Yellow Jacket Removal Orchard Park professionals.

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