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Mosquito Exterminator in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY Mosquito ExterminatorIf you have lived in Buffalo, NY for any meaningful length of time, you know that mosquitoes are a menace during the warmer months, especially when it is humid out. These tiny insects will bite constantly, even while you sleep, especially if they have managed to nest somewhere in your house or on your property. Ridding your home of mosquitoes requires professional mosquito control from an expert in the industry. If you are looking for the best mosquito treatment in the western New York area, Ehrlich Pest Control is the mosquito exterminator that you need.

Finding Nests

While mosquitoes are active and swarming during warm months, if they have nested on your property or in your home, they are actually present throughout the year. The mosquito control experts at Ehrlich Pest Control are experienced at finding the places where mosquitoes most commonly nest. While we will protect your entire property when you receive our mosquito treatment, we will put special effort into coating those locations where mosquitoes frequent most. This expert knowledge ensures that you are receiving the best mosquito extermination possible.

Protect Your Home All Year Long with Mosquito Treatment from Pestfree 365

While one visit from an Ehrlich Pest Control mosquito exterminator should eliminate or reduce your mosquito problem, mosquito treatment does not last forever. Your home needs regular mosquito control to ensure that these insects stay away for the entire year. With our Pestfree 365 program, you can easily protect your home for the entire year in a hassle free way. After the initial mosquito treatment, our exterminators will return every 8 - 10 weeks to renew your protection. These additional visits will keep your home free of mosquitoes and 30 other common pests. In the unlikely event that any insects do survive this comprehensive service, we will provide free extermination with 48 hours of discovery of the offending vermin.

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If mosquitoes are nuisance in your Buffalo, NY home, call Ehrlich Pest Control for mosquito control any time of year. With our comprehensive extermination services we will remove the infestation and ensure it doesn't return in the future.

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