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Take stock of pest problems in warehouses and distribution centers.

Room to roam and places to hide make large commercial facilities the perfect center for pests of all kinds.

There are loads of different insects, rodent species, pest birds, and other nuisance animals that may be attracted to warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facilities.  Tiers of shelving, soaring ceilings, and other features of a typical facility provide plenty of places to hide and pathways to enter and exit.

Load up on preventative procedures.  Here are a few ideas to stock up on in creating an effective pest management program.

·         Take it outside- Pests, particularly rodents, love the grassy fields, weed patches, woodlots and drainage ditches surrounding the typical warehouse.  Use perimeter defense systems such as exterior bait stations, light traps and interior perimeter wall traps. Cut back overgrown vegetation up against the facility walls where pests can hide out and burrow their way in to the building.

·         Keep 'em out- Steps should be taken to eliminate entry points.  Dumpsters and shipping and receiving areas should be free from spilled debris.  If materials are loaded and unloaded outside, cleanup stations and drains should be in place.  Shipping and receiving dock doors should be close-fitting and closed when not in use.

·         Lots of little places- Place screens over air intake and exhaust vents for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Whenever possible, use screens on doors, hatches, skylights and other openings. Cover fan and vent openings with galvanized mesh with openings of 1/4 inch or smaller. Plug gaps and openings where wires and conduits come through walls, ceilings, floors, the backs of equipment, etc.

·         Check your files- Paper products such as files or important documents stored in a warehouse facility may rot due to high humidity and changing temperatures.  These are perfect breeding grounds for many types of insects.  Dispose of unnecessary files and take steps to prevent conditions that contribute to damage paper and boxes.

With all the activity that takes place in a warehouse, pest management may sometimes be put on the shelf.  A good warehouse management decision is to entrust pest management to competent, reliable professionals to eliminate and prevent problems that can slow workflow.  Also keep in mind, for the safety of your staff and guests, Article 33 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law specifies that only a state-certified professional can apply pest control materials to a commercial property.

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